Why does nikon....

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Re: Why does nikon....

davidib17 wrote:

I was talking about what the image actually comes out to look like, not what the focal length of the lens is. Of course a DX 35mm is an actual 35mm, but that isn't practical or useful information at all. Who cares what the focal length is if the picture that it takes is no where near that?

As someone who has not used a full frame camera extensively enough to get accustomed to the FOV, I will counter with flipside to your point

"who cares what the FOV on a FX is when I all i know is DX and my current camera is DX",

should I be going to the FF forum and whining that their lenses all need to have wider FL numbers printed on the barrels so that I know what the FOV of the format translates to in terms of what I know.

I mean for practical reasons by volume the APS-C (crop format DLSRs as well as a number of recent mirorless and integrated lens) outsell FF by quite a margin, so shouldn't the majority dictate the "normal" format rather than a dinosaur who refuses to do simple multiplication.

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