Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Jake, you really screwed up.

Ermac wrote:

Anyone who bought a DSLR in 2002 and then another one in 2003 and then another one in 2004 and then another one in 2005 and then another one in 2006 and then another one in 2007 and then another one in 2008 and then another one in 2009 and then another one in 2010 and then another one in 2011 and then another one... etc etc REALLY screwed up!

How much you boys spend on all those DSLRs? Probably enough to make using film seem cheap...

And thats just cameras, how many swithced systems once or twice or didn't switch and just bought a couple of brands. Then theres the software upgrades and the computer upgrades oh wait you'd have that anyway riiiiiiiight.

Digital killed photography.

I have to disagree.

In fact, I nearly worship all those people who do exactly this. Who else is going to finance Nikon to make all the really important new products?

I say please keep up doing what you are doing! We need you!

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