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Re: theorists flumoxed... more or less agree

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Ah, yes.  But if they put an 'old' sensor in an expensive flagship body then we will get a re-hash of the same arguments aimed at the E-5.  Baseless arguments, in my experience.  The E-5 was improved over the E-620, regardless of having 'the same sensor' -- not by a lot in DR and noise at high ISO terms, however, as it was effectively the same sensor.

I will certainly consider the upgrade from the E-5, but if they intend on releasing a high-end MicroFT body that will work properly with my HG lenses then that may be a more sensible option for me.  (I have an E-M5 and 12-50 plus 45 f/1.8 lenses, so now straddle the FT / MicroFT systems to some extent.  It would be good to be able to reduce down to one high-end body replacement every few years.)

Like others, I was very skeptical about EVF's, but it is no longer a make or break issue for me. While I do fiind even the the pretty good EVF one on my OM-D's colour casts, slight lags annoying, I also find the way that it shows me what changes in exposure and WB, etcetera a godsend.

As already said, I am speculating that there well could be another dslr or even two - as rumours have suggested - simply because of the problems with AF technology.

But like many - likely most - I will be perfectlly happy with a "pro" body using an EVF the qualityt of the E-Pen 5's add on.

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