Testing the new LED100WA-56 Light with Bowens Softbox Mount

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First Images with Color Checker

Here is the first image taken under the LED 100WA-56 lights of a calibrated color checker with a Canon 5F MK II set to 5600K, the nominal value of the lights.

This is the image without color correction...

X-Rite Color Checker Card under LED 100WA-56 lights - No Color Correction

A quick check of the color values of neutral colors (White, Black, Gray) shows that green is consistently lower by a small margin.  The lower left white patch has an RGB value of 250,247,249.  The lower right black patch has a value of 34,22,31.

The image Color Corrected....

X-Rite Color Checker under LED 100WA-56 Lights - Color Corrected

I chose to use the middle patch in the second row from the top as my color correction selection.  I lowered the Shadows until the black had a value around 10 and raised the highlites until the whites were around 250.  The Black RGB value is 9,9,9 and the White value is 250,251,250.

My next step will be to shoot this same card with my Photoflex strobes and make a direct comparison on all the color patches.  Until that is done, there is no way to objectively talk about other colors.

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