I swear that I can get effects and looks in DPP that I can't with LR

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Re: I swear that I can get effects and looks in DPP that I can't with LR

Timbukto wrote:

The Photo Ninja wrote:

My new favorite picture style is Portrait, sharpening 3, contrast 1 and the auto lighting optimizer to standard.  I've tried to get a similar result in Lightroom, but I just can't.  Anyone like to try and post their settings?

- Noah

Set your camera profile away from Adobe Standard in LR for a good starting point.  I prefer LR sharpening and NR and exposure controls as well as brushes/local edits.  The latter is the killer feature in LR over most other tools.  I like DPP's sheer speed and the distortion/vignetting corrections are pretty good and DLO is pretty killer in destroying all CA or other optical aberrations.

I seem to get incorrect colors when I set mine to Canon's settings instead of Adobe Standard in LR4. Am I doing something wrong? My monitor is an IPS and I hardware calibrated it so the colors should be great. I took a picture that had a blue LED in it, imported as a RAW into LR4 and tried out the different camera profiles. The light appeared to have a purple tint in all but Adobe Standard. Adobe Standard looks the most accurate to the actual colors..

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