What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: High Angst always precedes the typical 3-4 year upgrade.

SirSeth wrote:

... and after it's announced, the angst just becomes a different kind until people get used to the idea.

I'd say, until those who actually use camera get their hands on it and start getting actual results, vs. those who read specs and thought they knew everything there was to know about it. At least that's how it went in E-5 case.

Olympus has said over and over that there will always be a body for the 4/3rds ZDs. What form it will take, Olympus is not saying. Their upgrade cycle is pretty predictably long--it seems like an eternity.

This is another puzzling part. Who needs new camera more often than every 3 years? (Sure, this is where the choir chimes in pointing out that E-5 wasn't all they wanted so it's more than 3 years for them... but heck, it was their decision that it wasn't enough of an upgrade for them. It was for many others. Someone always will be unhappy no matter what. I seem to remember the latest Canon iteration being widely accused of being a lame warm-up with nothing to show and intended just to keep the price high. I'd say E-5 over E-3 was much more than that.)

Before the E-3 came out there were tons of naysayers and angst. Before the E-5 came out it was the same story.

Yeah, let's look forward to the day of an announcement... gonna be fun

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