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Re: Why does nikon....

davidib17 wrote:

Manufacture DX lenses and give them a FX focal length, instead of the equivalent?

They don't really have a choice - the simple answer is because they decided to conform by sticking with the convention that is used to describe all lenses, whether the lens is used for large format, medium format, 35mm, FX, DX, etc. The important thing to realise is that focal length is a property of a lens, not a camera body, format or manufacturer.

The confusion mainly exists for different sizes of DSLRs where the cameras and lenses are often compared and lenses can be interchanged between formats. Outside of these sizes you don't hear much talk of equivalents, though in theory, any lens could be adapted to fit a different format - some more successfully than others.

In practice, its easier to think of lenses in terms of ultra wide, wide, normal/standard, short tele and tele.

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