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For example. Every DX lens can be used exactly for the focal length it is labeled on DX and many FX cameras. The manual that goes with the lens explains the output results.

A DX 35mm lens can not, and will not ever be able to take a picture at the same zoom length as a FX lens on a full frame camera set at 35mm, no?

As everybody has been trying to tell you, the focal length is a measured spec of the lens, regardless of what camera format it is mounted on.  Due to the sensor size difference, a 35mm lens will have a different field of view on FX or DX (or CX, or MF) sensor, but 35mm will still be the measured spec of the lens.

A 35mm lens marked "DX", simply means it will not produce an image circle suitable for sensors larger than DX, but it is, and always will be, a 35mm lens regardless of whatever body it is mounted on.

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