DP3M vs NEX 7

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Yes there are ;-)

Where there is detail in areas of similar colours and I think the bricks show this up best, then the Sigma pulls ahead due to having all its pixies available for colour info. 15MP red vs 6MP red of the NEX.

Foliage has less of an advantage due to the NEX having 12MP of green, but due to windy conditions I couldn't get any fair foliage comparison shots between the 2. Hope to rememdy this if we ever get any calmer weather when I'm free.

In other places - for instance the front tyre of the black KIA, there is only a slight, if any, advantage in detail. Pretty much what I'd expect from their relative MP counts.

Comes down to what, how and where you photograph. In the right circumstances there is nothing that will beat the new DPs, certainly not for their size, which is why I've spent my own money and bought one

Just wish they'd add some features that would make taking some sorts of photograph easier - after all Sony and others can do it in the same or smaller size bodies ...


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