DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: Red on red,

Nick, I definitely see your point and all those items would be nice if Sigma offered them. There was a thread here not that long ago about a company in China taking DPXm cameras and converting them to M mount's for use with Leica glass. I am not sold that even with Leica glass or my beloved CG glass the final images would be any better than what I get out of my DP2m pairing..... it could be better I guess but I think the magic is in the lens/sensor pairing Sigma stumbled upon.

I'd love to find out where to sign up on the freebee list for Sigma being retired and on a fixed income in this economy is making the dumping of one brand for another a major hurdle but one I am seriously considering as I am finding the difference that significant. Never thought I would ever switch from A/E mount systems as I have all took much invested into them.

Anyway I thought I would affirm that I understand where you are coming from with things that should be offered on future versions.

Oh by the way I am one of those guy's who is PP software poor (own and use a bunch of them) and do a lot post processing to my images to finesse them to exactly what I want..... But then again I use a system not unlike what I used in my large format workflow in that I try my best to get as much as I can as perfect as I can at the time of exposure. I take as few shots as I can to get it done with my scenics. Wildlife with my SLT's is a different story

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