Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Did Nikon screw up?

SubPrime wrote:

jtan163 wrote:

Yes they did.

When they released the D700 they raised the bar too high and maybe canabilised D3 sales.

Not really.   By the time the D700 came along, D3 sales would have slowed down.  Those who bought the D700 were never going to pay the money the D3 was going for.

You don't know that.  The real reason for the D700 was Nikon wanted to match the 5D and 5DII, and that's no longer an issue for Nikon.

I imagine they don't want to do that again, hence the stronger differentiation between the current line.

That's a flawed argument.  If they are going to withhold a D700 successor to force people to buy a D4, then it ain't gonna happen.  They'll just encourage people to jump ship to Canon.  That's why there are so many former Nikon people popping up on the Canon forums.

No, people can also buy the D600 or the D800, so Nikon users now have more choices than they had with the D700 and D3.  Besides that, the D800 is the D700 successor even if some crybabies don't like that.

You want prod body fast? D4.

Or a 5D3.

That's Canon fanboy bunk, or some misplaced Nikon self-loathing.  The 5D3 does 6 fps at 22 MP, the D800 does 5 fps (in 1.2x crop mode) at 25 MP -- this isn't enough a difference in practical performance for a serious photographer to get give a damn about.

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