Correction: NOT WSJ but Yahoo Finance: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

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Re: The Olympus Brand will not disappear

Marty4650 wrote:

The Imaging Division might have a new owner, but the brand "Olympus" will not disappear.

The brand name is simply too valuable, not matter what the profitability of the imaging division is today. Someone will want it, and the brand will live on. Brands like Vivitar and Polaroid still live, even though those companies are long gone.

well Olympus sells its scientinstead medical instruments under that name, so I can't see them selling that brand : it is not as if it was only limited to ther cameras. Once I visited a gastro-enterologist, I was surprised to find the exact same Olympus logo we have on the cameras boxes on his instruments.

I wouldn't even be shocked if Canon or Ricoh were to acquire the Olympus imaging division just for their M4/3 products, which are decidedly better than their own MILC efforts (EOS M and Q). I would include Panasonic in this, if they weren't struggling themselves, and Sony has their hands full with NEX.

I don't think it makes much sense. Before drawing any hasty conclusion, as to what Olympus will d with the photo divsion, we should first know whether there aren't any synergy between the medical optical instruments R&D and the photo gear R&D : may the that one is benefiting from the other.

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