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Sunshine_boy wrote:

That's because the FX value is a universal constant regardless of the camera it is mounted on,

Really now? Im curious how a 35mm format lens would fit on a medium format camera, I don't see any medum format shooters grandstanding that their sensor should be the be baseline reference for focal length to FOV relationship.

as the other posters pointed out. All you need to know is the 'crop factor' of your camera/sensor and multiply it by the indicated FL. Crop factors vary. Nikon's DX factor is 1.5, Canon's is 1.6 etc. So, a 200mm lens would be 200mm on any FF cam, 300mm on a Nikon DX and 320mm on a Canon DX.

No as others pointed out, the focal length is an attribute of the lens and does not change based on the camera. What changes is the FOV and possibly the amount of vignetting of the image cirlce

Look at it in the same way as specifying a 'value' of a house expressing it in US dollars without having to bother expressing it in half a dozen other major currencies... 

And this is why Canadians have bought up half of Florida

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