DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: Wide angles and NEX don't mix ;-)

nick_webster wrote:

I am aware of the problems with legacy wide angles and NEXes (?) particularly the 7. I tend not to use wide angles much and go for "normal"/ longer lenses which is why I have the 3M not the 1M

I have 3 batteries, but I'd prefer not to have had to buy them and carry them then change them every 50 shots or so. I also like the grip as it means I can carry the camera with a couple of fingers hooked over the grip letting it hang down. With the DP I have to cradle it to stop it swinging from the wrist strap which I find a bit uncomfortable after a while, but obviously that's a personal thing.

The lack of an articulating LCD or option for an EVF was my main point to the thread. How is it that Sony can fit both of those into the NEX 7 which has the same size body as the DPs ?


The grip is easily fixed with a Franiec or RRS grip.... I have Richards grip and it really helped but recently I am carrying my DP2m affixed onto a Nodal Ninja 3 mounted atop a leveler on a Bogen tripod so any grip has become a non-issue

Articulating LCD would be nice no doubt but I installed a articulating mirrored device to sort of fix that (sort of ) The EVF is not a biggy for me as I generally shot NEX's in a waist level position like I did my old medium format TLR's using the articulating LCD's. Even when I bought the N7 the EVF and hotshoe were both non-issues for me as I wanted the 24mp resolution it offered me the most. When I need to fine tune my manual focus I just use my 3" Hoodman. I don't think I have ever used the popup flash or mounted a flash on my N7 since I got it and I got it soon after release. My N5 and N7 were my lightweight portable scenic tools just like my DP2m is now. If they offered a EVF for the DP2m I would probably buy it but rarely use it and keep in in my filter bag with its extra batteries, Hoodman, and CBL

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