D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Re: D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

Antony John wrote:

What dust and what oil spots?

If it were a design defect all cameras would have it.

This is obviously not the case.

Initally many (most?) D600s  appear to have had this issue:

e.g. Lens Rentals reported that 20 out of 20 D600 bodies they had did:


"When our techs started complaining that D600s were all coming back from their first rental with a lot more dust (despite being freshly cleaned before leaving) we didn’t pay much attention to that either. We all remember the oil / dust issues the D3x and D3s had. Those mostly cleared up after a few cleanings.

The dust kept reappearing with every rental, and more impressively – it was generally in the same location (upper left 1/3 of the image). That did get our attention, so we started looking into the matter a bit. We kept dust pictures for 20 consecutive D600s returning from rental and saw the problem was very real.

In general, about 1 out of 4 cameras requires sensor cleaning after a rental. All 20 of the D600s did."

6 weeks later they wrote yhat the problem improved over time:


Things are definitely better. Where 20 of 20 cameras required cleaning 6 weeks ago, only 11 of 20 did this time (our average for all SLRs would be about 5 of 20).

Thom Hogan:


"So in the course of examining this issue closer (and closer [and closer]) I've gone from a position that Nikon just shipped some unclean cameras to a position that Nikon shipped quite a few cameras with some clear recurring annoyance."

Many people who sent their cameras in to Nikon for this issue reported that Nikon changed a whole assembly in the camera - which would indicate some manufacuring defect, if not a design defect.

However reports of this issue seem to have died right down over the past couple of months or so - which suggests that Nikon have solved the issue. Now the number of new "dirty/oily" sensor reports are down to about the same level they are with any other new Nikon DSLR.

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