DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: Some rusty bolts with incredible detail, eh?

forpetessake wrote:

I find it hilarious people talk so much about super-duper IQ and there are no decent pictures to show.

This itself does not validate or invalidate the IQ of the camera. If it did, one would be hard pressed to find a decent camera on this forum, given the proliferation of pictures dealing with mundane things (cats, backyards).

Frankly, the pictures I browsed through so far were quite underwhelming, the colors are pretty off and unappetizing, the sharpness is good at 100%, when it's in focus, but that's it, as soon as you downsize to the screen resolution it's all gone. I thought of getting DP3M for portraits, but the colors suck, and f/2.8 isn't sufficient for good DOF, so what's the point of that camera?

Most here don't think the colors "suck" and many love them. I don't find them as good as the original DP2 but color is subjective. I find NEX cameras reproducing pretty bad skin tones and there have been numerous threads about this.

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