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Nick, I think around the net you will finds a sort of "cult"  of Merrill sensor followers: so we communicate a lot on other forums as well. Like with all cameras RAWs and the post processing techniques has there own distinctions. That said, PP has a huge effect on results and what works well with one cameras RAWs may not be what works best on anothers (not to mention individual preferences as well). There are some generalities that seem to be somewhat constant among this so called cults users that others may or may not be aware of. Most use the neutral color mode, most decrease noise reduction, decrease slightly sharpening(not needed as much on the newer SPP versions), expose +.3 to +.7 in exp comp, iso's for color are generally 100-200, either use a "custom white balance" (set with a CBL or some other means) or set the WB to what the conditions are and rarely use auto WB. The color wheel is set somewhere 1/3-1/2 way over towards 3 o'clock position. Most are doing very little PP in SPP (other than those above custom settings) and just transferring 16bit TIF's to their normal post processing softwares. These seem to be some general preferences that are suggested or used among this little band of DPXm users on the web and may be of interest to you. Once one learns this lil camera's likes and dislikes it will shine for the user that plays to its strengths as is required for every camera.

In the examples you posted above I too see very little difference ..... but in my usage of NEX and DP2m cameras there are far greater differences between the results between my NEX7 with CG glass  and my DP2m. So much so that for a IQ hound like I am I find it very difficult to use my once beloved NEX7 and CG45mm combination anymore for scenics (and honestly that combo is truly a outstanding setup for IQ and very tough to match that lenses performance in the past).

Seeing the results you posted I would have to totally agree with the way you are seeing them. But, all I can say is your results are far different than those I see in my own tests of DP2m vs NEX7 with its best possible glass on it.

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