What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: Anyone else did?

Forgottenbutnotgone wrote:

pris wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

They certainly didn't commit the company to build a DSLR forever.

I am sorry, is that supposed to be a some kind of beef with them? Please show a statement from any other camera manufacturer stating "We hereby assure you that we are going to offer DSLR forever and ever, as long as Earth is tracing its orbit around Sun."

For someone so quick to accuse others of being disingenuous, you surely have no problem being blind to your own inconsistencies of thought.

I was wondering where my stalker was. There you are, and immediately starting with personal attack. That alone excludes any possibility of our further exchange, because, you know - we've been over this before, never ended well.

Come on, there should be some sane limit on what demands are made to Olympus, or any other brand for that matter.

There should also be a sane limit to what demands Olympus or any other brand makes to their loyal following. If not to you, it's clear to a vast majority that Olympus has exceeded that limit.

I consider demands on me to wait 3 years for an E-5 update quite reasonable. But demands on you are obviously too high, so you are still here why??

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