DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: Depends on light as well

nick_webster wrote:

In lower light the NEX will beat the DPs - plus you can often get faster lenses giving even more advantage. In good light the DPs win but for anything else my vote would be the NEX.

If you had an ILC DP then you'd have the best of both worlds - which is what my original post was asking for

Not sure I'm seeing a lot more detail in NEX 7 vs DP3M. Shot some comparisons yesterday and the DP shots looked "crisper" but not sure there was a much, if anything, in detail. This didn't include foliage as there was a strong wind blowing so comparisons would have been pointless, so that might have given a bigger adge to the DP.

Horses for courses - this is all just my opinion


Nick if you have both cameras still (I don't own a DP3m just the DP2m so I don't have first hand experience with the 3) take a close to identical shot with each really trying to assure both ate focused on the same distant object in a scenic at a good distance. Take the images home and convert the Sigmas files to a 86 mp 16bit tiff and in whatever post software you Ouse for the NEX export this 16bit 86mp tif into it as well as opening the NEX raw. While there do a extreme crop of the same area in both shots and look at the detail in each. I think that will illustrate what I am referring too.

I will be the first to admit that the DP2m is a one or two trick pony and far from a versatile do it all camera. But, like Rand I use it like a mini tech camera for scenics as scenics are what I mostly do. Now I am doing even more stitching because I am in a pano mode it seems and this lil DP2m with a Nodal Ninja 3 with leveler is about as good at these as any camera I have owned over the past nearly 50 years. I am creating 86 mp Tiffs in -2-0-+2 exposures for each segment and doing multi row HDR giga Pano's that are truly amazing to look at. No other camera I own even come in second place at doing these: unfortunately reducing these for web view kills just how great these sensors display detail. Mounted on a old 3001 brogan alum tripod I essentially have a ultra lightweight tech camera for hike in and outs that does not kill this old guy to use. For scenics IMHO the DP2m is perfect.

If one wants to find flaws with these little cameras when used in other venues or genre's it is more than easy to find them. But, if one uses it for its strengths in a genre that suits it I have never owned or seen a camera that can beat or even match it. Fortunately, the DP2m's strengths is what I enjoy most to do with a camera in hand. If one is looking for a general purpose one camera does all system they should look elsewhere for that because the DP2m will not do that well.

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