What Olympus actually promised:

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Facts and interpretations

rovingtim wrote:


While I don't like the demise of 4/3rds, I do like my ability to see the facts as they develop. It seems to me that that is why I am so despised by a group of you on this forum.

Am I wrong in this interpretation? If so, please correct me.

How about this:

- because of all possible interpretations of events you pick the most negative one;

- because you go to any lengths to hammer everyone to death with endless repetition of your interpretations;

- because you interpret Olympus "failure" to deliver your pipe dream camera (pro body of E-400 size) as broken promise;

- because your anti-Olympus bias shows at each and every turn (Canon 5D being 9 mm longer than E-5 is no biggie, but E-5 8 mm difference over E-1 is a deal-breaker).

- because of the lengths to which you go to disparage the camera you "detest" (your word). Remember nonsense claims like "every E-5 image is full of artifacts?"Or blowing image up to 700% to find a flaw? Or making a huge deal out of non-existing issue with moire - thread after thread, an issue that never was mentioned by anyone else ever since? Or ranting about thin AA filter, which was since then adopted by other brands? Oh, and in all these cases of being wrong, had you come back any single time and said "hey folks, I was wrong about this or that, moire really never became a problem I made it to be?"

- because you are merrily engage in ridiculing brand and its users in the most disgusting manner, as in that recent, unfortunately edited out, exchange between three of you where you showed your real attitude, instead of this innocent "ah, I am merely pointing the facts, and you don't love me."

- because even now when we approach the release of a new flagship, you just can't stop blessing us with all kinds of negative statements, which in your imagination somehow turn into facts. Can't you wait for the actual camera to appear, and then disparage it? Also, why don't you answer the question about what it is you actually expect, asked up the thread?

We could continue, but hey... you got the drift. Unfortunately, you will continue claiming that you are an objective and unbiased one, "only facts ma'am," while "a group of us" doesn't like you because, you know, you are saying the truth... Or maybe you could re-read all above 5 times, give it some good thinking and realize why exactly you invoke such reaction? Would be nice, but now it seems I am in pipe dream territory.

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