What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: Anyone else did?

pris wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

They certainly didn't commit the company to build a DSLR forever.

I am sorry, is that supposed to be a some kind of beef with them? Please show a statement from any other camera manufacturer stating "We hereby assure you that we are going to offer DSLR forever and ever, as long as Earth is tracing its orbit around Sun."

For someone so quick to accuse others of being disingenuous, you surely have no problem being blind to your own inconsistencies of thought. Never mind promising to manufacture DSLRs for "as long as Earth is tracing its orbit around the Sun, why don't you please show another MAJOR DSLR manufacturer that given so much indication that they might STOP bulding DSLR's NOW, that they felt it necessary to make a public statement saying otherwise. Point out another current manufacturer who's actions have caused enough doubt in so many of their previously loyal following that their most expensive lenses are suddenly flooding the used markets at such unheard of prices. How about pointing out another current manufacturer of DSLR bodies and lenses that a such a large majority of people can't PURCHASE EXCEPT online.

Come on, there should be some sane limit on what demands are made to Olympus, or any other brand for that matter.

There should also be a sane limit to what demands Olympus or any other brand makes to their loyal following. If not to you, it's clear to a vast majority that Olympus has exceeded that limit.


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