Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: As someone who owns both the 5D3 and D800, I'd say no

ultimitsu wrote:

That's one shot.  I shot more than test scenes.  I have a 5D3 and I am looking at files between 27 and 34 mb.

because file size grows as ISO goes up, that is true for both canon and nikon. how many identical shots have you done using both cameras to compare?

A few hundred.

No it doesn't.  It proves that the CR2 files are smaller.

what ? 5D3 files are smaller because it has less resolution than D600.

As you admitted, without knowing much about the CR2 format, there is no way to know if this is due to compression or not.

You made one up based on no scientific basis.

Lets see... answer these questions.

what resolution do you think you will get will D800 and 24-85 VR at iso 100?

Don't have one so don't care.

how much resolution do you think is lost when you use iso 800? and how much is lost at iso 6400?

Haven't seen any data so don't know, and neither do you.

Your answer would either be 36mp in all cases - which would be plain wrong.

I didn't say that it was 36 in all cases, I said that your arbitrary 20mpx number is baseless.

As I said, 20mp is my guess, I am welcome any other educated guess. calling names is what fanboys do, mmmk?

No, fanboys make stuff up and guess.

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