What Olympus actually promised:

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Peter, I'm not against the positive

Messier Object wrote:

Tim, the Olympus statement is regarding what they are intending to do, NOT what they did in the past.

Peter, their statement "the company will continue to offer DSLR cameras as in the past without any changes," literally means they will continue to offer the E5. The clue is 'without any changes'.

The only other interpretation is they are using 'past' is the long sense ... ie when they had several lines of 4/3rds cameras. If this is true, then it immediately puts a lie to their first claim of "not drastically reducing".

I'm assuming Oly is not lying. Therefore, I am assuming the E5 will continue to be available. That is what they are guaranteeing with this statement. Nothing else.

If they are developing a new DSLR, why not say so? How hard is it to say, "We are developing a 4/3rds DSLR body to replace the E5." But they don't. They say they are developing a replacement and they realise that the viewfinder and focus performance is important. If it's a DSLR, then why even bother mentioning this? According to this forum, the E5 already performs well in these areas. Are they concerned they are accidentally going to deliver a poor optical viewfinder in a newly developed pro level DSLR?

Now if you have just come back from the future and can tell us that they did not follow-up on their stated intentions then please tell us now. Otherwise your just guessing what they might do or not do based on what you believe to be some 'track record' of  misinformation or broken promises.

Well, if they stop making the E5 available then they will break their promise.

Well as I read it, the OP was intended as a "leaning the other way" post with POSITIVE speculation about a new DSLR coming.   Is it really necessary to tell  the +ve posters in this thread that there is no Santa and Olympus is not bringing them a DSLR for Christmas?

Peter, I'm not against positive.

Here is positive: Oly has been saying for years now that they are trying to get an m4/3rds body that will competently focus 4/3rds lenses. That means they are NOT abandoning 4/3rds lens users. This is good news. If they succeed, I think they will deliver an awesome camera. Based on their last two major released, they've got their mojo back.

Why not celebrate the facts instead of fantasy?

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