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boggis the cat wrote:

I will certainly consider the upgrade from the E-5, but if they intend on releasing a high-end MicroFT body that will work properly with my HG lenses then that may be a more sensible option for me.  (I have an E-M5 and 12-50 plus 45 f/1.8 lenses, so now straddle the FT / MicroFT systems to some extent.  It would be good to be able to reduce down to one high-end body replacement every few years.)

I agree.

I also find it interesting that the ideas bandied about in "the other thread", somehow turned on its head here as negative, that a true "Pro" model developed with mFT at its base but having capability to properly handle and AF HG/SHG lenses is somehow heresy.  Forget about "true believers", what I'm sensing is a kind of litmus test for belonging in this forum.  Not that that's anything new.

The efforts by some here to chase away E-M5 users as "not belonging" have indeed largely succeeded, to the point where we now see posts from a week ago appearing on the first page of this forum.  For myself, as one who still owns an E-620, E-510 and various 4/3's lenses, this is a shame.

At this point, Olympus appears to be focusing its limited resources on a pro-mFT that can also properly support 4/3's lenses.  They made a decision to go where the sales are several years ago, meaning mFT, while offering up a minor update to the E-3 for short money (yet sold at a premium price) to calm those who had bought into their premium SHG line of lenses.

It would have been nice for HG/SHG lens owners had Olympus simply released an E-5S with what for their line was a ground breaking Sony sensor a year back along with minor updates.

But I'm sure they did the calculus looking at where the competition was going, FF cameras with superior AF systems at close to the same price, and realized a premium 4/3's model would have no appeal beyond their dwindling group of SHG lens users.  As a responsibly run business they had to follow the market.  The likelihood of their reversing direction and releasing such a camera now is I'd imagine pretty slim.

I personally have moved on but stayed with the brand, having used Olympus cameras since the mid-80's (OM-2S).  I'm now using an E-M5 as my primary camera, and while I'd prefer it were a bit larger for easier handling (try saying that in the mFT forum!), it does so many things really well that this is just a minor quibble easily solved with an add-on grip.

My hope is that Olympus does come out with a new "Pro" body between the E-M5 and E-5 sizes that makes us all happy and also brings in an expanded group of users.  My sense is that they've been working diligently away at this since the E-P1's release; we'll hopefully see some results in just a few months.

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