What Olympus actually promised:

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I didn't say it was a mistake per se...

erichK wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

erichK wrote:

For me, the appearance of the E-5, after all our doubts and hand-wringing, was a pleasant surprise. Experiencing all the small but very useful improvements that it incorporated was even more pleasant (as tends to be reflected in its retention of value.)

So, I remain optimistic.

- The appearance of the E-5 to me was proof positive the system had gone off rails. The E-5 came at a very high asking price in a competitor's market that had moved on with lacking performance - yes the sensor.  Lack of DR, lack of good high ISO performance and worst: terrible banding.

If that were true, then the E-5 would hardly be retaining its value as well as it has.

The reason the E-5 retains its value is because it is a camera that Olympus has no pressure to lower in price. No one but the remaining 4/3rds crowd that have 4/3rd lenses have a big incentive to buy it with some very rare exceptions.

I didn't say the E-5 per se, as a concept was a mistake. What I said is that it was a sign the system had gone off rails. The concept of an upgrade from an E-3 being something like an E-5 is not a mistake. The model was missing something very important, that's not necessarily a mistake per se.

While the sensor could certain;y be better, its real market value tends to confirm my point that it is a capable photographic tool and about as effective an upgrade as Olympus could come up[ with the resources and sensor available to them.

Not really.  As I said, Olympus has zero incentive to lower it. In fact you could say that the fact it hasn't lowered in price at all means Olympus is simply not competing in the same market at all with this camera as the regular market.

They now have - according to every objective test - a much better sensor available to them.

Yes, that's now.  But we are talking about the E-5. The E-5 sensor was lacking in all the areas I mentioned above at the time it hit the market place in a camera that self billed itself as pro with the asking price to match.   You really don't think that was a problem?

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