X-Pro1 vs Medium Format Fuji

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Re: X-Pro1 vs Medium Format Fuji

My first camera was MF -- Rolleiflex TLR.  1966. Still have it.

After ownung 50+ cameras of various formats, many dozens of pro lenses, at least 8 full systems (6x7, 6x6, 6x4.5, 35mm SLR and RF), with four 4-drawer cabinets stuffed with slides, transparencies, negs, and B/W prints shot around the world, I have no interest in shooting another frame of film.   Loved the images from the Pentax 67 system, but I believe the D800 is better.   Leica M system is cool, but Fuji now out "Leicas" Leica.

As an exercise in fun, it's great to shoot older cameras and play with film.   Why not?  Darkroom?  Sure!  Great way to get a better handle on the basic concepts.

Every camera, format, lens, film, sensor, etc. is a compromise.  We each tip the scale toward the areas we find most important or better suited to us ... at that moment, for that purpose.

Isn't it wonderful to have so many choices?

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