What Olympus actually promised:

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rovingtim wrote:

Now, I simply listed the facts about what Oly did verses what Oly is saying. I did this because the Olympus letter says one thing while Olympus action says another.

Tim, the Olympus statement is regarding what they are intending to do, NOT what they did in the past.  Now if you have just come back from the future and can tell us that they did not follow-up on their stated intentions then please tell us now. Otherwise your just guessing what they might do or not do based on what you believe to be some 'track record' of  misinformation or broken promises.

After stating the facts I asked if there is another interpretation available other than the one common sense dictates.

When it comes to public statements by large corporations the obvious common sense interpretation is usually the one (normal) people will and should go with . Otherwise there might be some action against the company on the basis of misleading shareholders and the market. I'm sure Olympus has had more than enough exposure on wrong-doings over the past few years.

I find it strange that you and so many others consider these facts to be 'doom and gloom'. Facts are facts, they are not our children.
Personally, I put more weight on action than words. Your reaction suggests that you (and some others) lean the other way:  Olympus words dictate the future far more than their actions.  From these responses, my interpretation is that the clash between me and you is I would like to see the truth that actually is out there rather than the truth
as I (or you) wish to see it. All I have been doing since 2007 (when I started noting alarming developments) is stating the facts as I see them. I also note that events in 4/3rds have logically followed the facts as I have been stating them since 2007. While I don't like the demise of 4/3rds, I do like my ability to see the facts as they develop. It seems to me that that is why I am so despised by a group of you on this forum. Am I wrong in this interpretation? If so, please correct me.

Well as I read it, the OP was intended as a "leaning the other way" post with POSITIVE speculation about a new DSLR coming.   Is it really necessary to tell  the +ve posters in this thread that there is no Santa and Olympus is not bringing them a DSLR for Christmas?


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