What Olympus actually promised:

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Words, actions and facts

Now, I simply listed the facts about what Oly did verses what Oly is saying. I did this because the Olympus letter says one thing while Olympus action says another. After stating the facts I asked if there is another interpretation available other than the one common sense dictates.

From these responses, my interpretation is that the clash between me and you is I would like to see the truth that actually is out there rather than the truth as I (or you) wish to see it. All I have been doing since 2007 (when I started noting alarming developments) is stating the facts as I see them. I also note that events in 4/3rds have logically followed the facts as I have been stating them since 2007.

While I don't like the demise of 4/3rds, I do like my ability to see the facts as they develop. It seems to me that that is why I am so despised by a group of you on this forum.

Am I wrong in this interpretation? If so, please correct me.

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