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Re: The true story about the Rolex...

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On the other hand, a cheap modern digital watch is probably better as a timepiece in every measurable way than a 1960s Rolex, but there is still something nice about the Rolex...


I actually have a 1960s Rolex.. it's gold and steel, doesn't make a ticking sound, looks great, feels great in the hand, quality workmanship... but... it doesn't keep accurate time worth a damn.  I never wear it, not even for the bling factor.

I check the time with my iPhone... much more accurate and versatile.. plus it can take pictures.

you guys are very much fun..... i'd prefer a Rolex than an iPhone , no matter if it doesn't keep accurate time..... you can always take timeless pictures with every camera .....no  ????  

Regards, Gianluca

If you want a good story about Rolexes and photographers check out Tim Page.

I don't remember the exact specifics, but he lost a Rolex in the fishpond or decorative pond in Vietname in the 60s. I think it may have been blown off of him.

And there is sat for over 20 years.

He went back in the 80s or 90s and they somehow found the watch in the pond.
I believe he wound it up ad it worked.

The story is in his biography Page After Page.

I believe the true story was he went back to the village where he had lost the watch in the pond, and they served him a huge carp for dinner.  When he cut open the fish, there inside it was his watch! He put it on his wrist and wound it, and it worked as well as the day he lost it...

Well, that's how the story should have gone, anyway


I prefer your version Joe.


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