DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: Some rusty bolts with incredible detail, eh?

forpetessake wrote:

jennyrae wrote:

I wish my pictures with other cameras similar with merrill. but cannot copy same output easily without  long long process. not easy my opinion.

I find it hilarious people talk so much about super-duper IQ and there are no decent pictures to show. Frankly, the pictures I browsed through so far were quite underwhelming, the colors are pretty off and unappetizing, the sharpness is good at 100%, when it's in focus, but that's it, as soon as you downsize to the screen resolution it's all gone. I thought of getting DP3M for portraits, but the colors suck, and f/2.8 isn't sufficient for good DOF, so what's the point of that camera?

Why would you downsize to screen resolution? Any crap P&S can produce images at the resolution of current monitors.

Current monitors are very low resolution and generally have poor image quality. You cannot judge a photograph on a monitor.

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