DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: Loads of cheap lenses about

The lenses are optimized for the sensor. I have seen an technical image of the DP2M where the lens nearly seats on the sensor. You cannot do this with an exchangeable lens.

The DP2M sensor/lens combination outperforms my Leica Summicron. The DP2M is worlds ahead of my Nex5n with Leica glass and a CV15. Look for these endless discussions of color shifting and other problems caused by wide angle lenses like the CV15 on a Nex 7.

I find the user interface of the DP2m better than that of the Nex5n.

What the DP2M is missing, is an articulating screen and especially an EVF option. They could have used a bigger battery and integrate it in an Nex5n like grip to improve ergonomics, although I don't have a problem to hold it. I use multiple batteries, so no big deal with battery power.

Their Software SPP has some limitations. The best workflow for me at the moment is to use SPP only for raw processing with standard settings, and do the rest with the new Topaz clarity plugin (works very well on Foveon based Tifs) and PhotoNinja.

The DP2M is an incredible tool for landscape and architecture. I will not buy a Bayer based body again for my kind of photography. I used medium format film cameras in the past.

Multi layer sensor technology is the way to go. Kudos to D. Merrill and later Sigma to develop this technology. I am glad to see that Sony and Canon show some interest and patents for similar technologies.

nick_webster wrote:

They are manual focus, but most of the time that's not a problem. Since I've got some nice lenses already, they are "free" for me

All my cameras except for the Sigmas are interchangeable and I've never seen a dust problem - and it only takes a couple of seconds to change a lens


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