Need advice on switching from X100S to RX1

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Re: Need advice on switching from X100S to RX1

cali4nia love wrote:

I've had my X100S for about a month and a half now, and I love it. I sold all my DSLR gear, and now mainly shoot with either my iPhone or X100S. 90% of my work is street photography, with a little bit of portraits and fashion photography. Since I do mostly street photography, 80% of the time I shoot by my waist or shooting without looking thru the viewfinder, to stay inconspicuous.

Because of my shooting style, I am now considering switching to Sony RX1 (for better low light, sensor, and smaller size). I feel as tho I am not really taking advantage of the awesome hybrid viewfinder of X100S. But Im somewhat attached to my X100S and it's retro look and design, and I am happy with the file it produces, but I'm assuming RX1 would produces even better files.

What are your guys' thought on this? Should I make the switch to RX1?

the RX1 and X100s seem overkill for blind hip shooting, lacking confidence to raise the viewfinder to your eye in public is something most SP shooters go through but ultimately you need to take control of your composition.

I would recommend a Sony NEX-6 and a CV 21mm lens, this is a manual focus M mount lens so you would also need an M to NEX adapter (they are quite cheap).

The NEX-6 has both a tilt screen and an EVF, by using the tilt screen you can compose your shots from waist or chest level, as confidence grows you can bring the cameras EVF to your eye.

The CV 21mm lens has a focus scale on the lens which with practice will allow you to accurately pre-focus and zone focus.

the above setup works well, you can set auto ISO, fix your shutter speed to avoid blurred images and set the aperture on the lens itself.

Image quality from the NEX-6 + CV 21mm is excellent, high iso has a nice grit/film like feel.

chasing better cameras and sensors won't make your street photography better.

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