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Re: Avoid midday light...

jm10 wrote:

Giovanni_1968 wrote:

alexzn wrote:

Try not to shoot at midday- the evening or morning light is way better...  the midday light is very bad for taking photos, looks very flat.

Partially true in Via Krupp's case, early morning the sun is behind your back and there are long shadows, in the afternoon the light is opposite and is nice and warm, I live there but never took a shoot from above but I guess mid day light does fine since being high in the sky the sun doesn't project long shadows, anyway the road has been closed all winter long, was opened back a few weeks ago and it is a stunning walk, I do really enjoy it late afternoon for a little jogging, the view from above is really nice but the walk along it is quite impressive.


I agree, the shots from above did not suffer that much. What does not help is the haze on certain days and at a certain time of day when the sky and sea blend into one at the horizon. A polarizer helps some but not that much...

You live in a nice part of the world...

Nice pictures on Flckr!


Unfortunately from late spring on (in case somebody has the luck to still experience season transitions) there always is a morning haze not to say that since a few years we are experiencing a different phenomenon than in the past, our summer is a high pressure cap located on the Mediterranean and touching North Africa called the North African Anticyclone, this usually brings breeze/wind from south/south-east in the morning hours and the warm air coming off of North Africa collects humidity whilst blowing from south to north with the effect of literally creating clouds when finding obstacles along the path and as a result we often have, till mid day, big cumulus of humidity stuck on the south side of the island where we have a high (for our parameters, it is 585m ask/ little less than 1.800ft ask) cliff being an obstacle to the wind, to cut it short from spring to late summer haze is a constant.

I'm not really into polarizers, I only have one wide angle lens and a cheap polarizer, those few times I did try the combo I realized that a wide angled lens covers too much of an angle to make a reliable prediction of what the effect of a polarizer would be on the whole frame, even worse when I try to stitch panos (my poor S5 with its wannabe 12MP doesn't really suffice for landscapes so sometimes, when I make an attempt, I try a multiple shot stitching) but I will keep it in mind next time, on the longer end of my 10-24 the field is narrower and the "leopard" effect (some shots with the polarizer at wide angle look like leopard skies with blue spots here and there...) should not affect the framing.

Thank you for your comments

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