DP3M vs NEX 7

Started May 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP nick_webster Veteran Member • Posts: 7,623
Depends on light as well

In lower light the NEX will beat the DPs - plus you can often get faster lenses giving even more advantage. In good light the DPs win but for anything else my vote would be the NEX.

If you had an ILC DP then you'd have the best of both worlds - which is what my original post was asking for

Not sure I'm seeing a lot more detail in NEX 7 vs DP3M. Shot some comparisons yesterday and the DP shots looked "crisper" but not sure there was a much, if anything, in detail. This didn't include foliage as there was a strong wind blowing so comparisons would have been pointless, so that might have given a bigger adge to the DP.

Horses for courses - this is all just my opinion


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