DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: DP3M vs NEX 7

I agree with Rand.... I have a Nex 5 , Nex 7, a77, and a a33 in Sony gear along with all too many minolta and sony A and E mount glass (along with various legacy lenses). Never thought at my age I would own anything but a Sony again. My DP2m has just about relegated my NEX gear to being put on Craiglist as I mostly used my NEX gear as a lightweight scenic  camera  system for hike in and out shots. My glass of choice for my N7 was the Contax G 45mm for its outstanding optics but I would have to stitch images for a wider field of view because NEX E mount glass in wide or ultra wide just has more corner issues than I care to have to deal with (the new zeiss 12mm nay resolve this but I am waiting to see at this point) and using a adapter with a mount glass kinda takes away from the "lightweight" aspect of the NEX system.

IQ is a hands down winner for the DP2m over my NEX7 with any or all the glass I have. IQ is everything for me and one can have all the lens interchangeability in the world and it does not help anything if you are getting worse IQ. I had to stitch the CG 45mm Nex 7 images just like I have to stitch the DP2m images for a wider FOV perspective so it is a dead heat when it come to post processing headaches but the bayer sensor on the NEX in no way can match the Merrill foveon sensor for pure detail and IQ.

If the SD1 could fulfill my needs and wants for my wildlife imaging I would dump my entire Sony/minolta gear for Sigma Merrills and never look back.

Don't read this wrong as the Sony's are very nice and I have plenty of images over the years I have been more than proud of but I am merrill spoiled now and it is hard to even look at my Bayer sensored images the same way anymore. This makes me very reluctant to even pick up my Sony's to shoot anything now.

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