What Olympus actually promised:

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What Olympus mean for DSLR

I must say I am still skeptical. Not about Olympus exiting the market, but the DSLR part. Do know, in Olympus past and present, the like of OM-D are considered DSLR too, so the statement really mean nothing except for the part of not exiting the market. Cause unless they want to exit the market, they will have to continuously update their lineup and prompt for business.

All  told , I am optimistic we will have a E-M6 ( or whatever it might be called ) but I am skeptical about another decent 4/3 body as in the old school Digital SLR ( with a prizm, mirror box and that optical VF build up ). That also goes with the 4/3 lens lineup. Let's be frank, I had yet to see " their continuous commitment to develop new lens for 4/3 " as they have promised over and over again in the interim years past.

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