D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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franzeez where is your social obligation!?

franzeez wrote:

Nikon where is your social obligation!? Is this good buisness ethics.

Is what "good business ethics"? All the op based his original rant on was a rumor from a website with credibility about equal to a roll of toilet paper. So, where are your ethics, launching your tirade off that without checking some facts?

We are talking about high end camera here and nikon pls. think people have gone great lengths to dispose off dx body and a host of lenses to go fullframe.Not forgetting dpr's high rating for the d600 which was the deciding factor. Pls dont sweep problem under carpet nikon should recall all d600 and fix the problem for the customers worldwide before coming out with with d600s. Dpr should start an online signature campaign so that magnitude of the problem is seen by the camera world.

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yes, most everything is in lower case. i'm mildly arthritic and seldom use my pinkies when i type.

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