Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: As someone who owns both the 5D3 and D800, I'd say no

TOF guy wrote:

Sorry: poor writing on my part.

Here is a better phrasing:

Why would Nikon sell a D800 if even the pro glass was outresolved by the camera ?

The very idea of lens out-resolving camera or camera out-resolving lens is unwarranted if not completely fallacious.

The truth is, just about all lenses show an improved resolution when used on a camera with higher pixel density. For example, look at the 24-120 F5.6 , which is a rather weak lens. on D700 it produces 7mp, on D3X it produces 9mp, on D800 it produces 10mp; better lenses simply improve more, for example 85 F1.4 will resolve 12mp, 19mp and 22 mp respectively. But ultimately it is always diminishing of returns, the improvement gets smaller as mp continue to increase.

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