OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Re: Actually, I agree...

Rriley wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

I don't think anyone denies that the 14-35 / 2 is superior to other Olympus zooms in that range.

The equivalence equation balances in my favour for my needs.

Well, it depends on what your specific needs are.  For example, if we're talking the Tamron 24-70 / 2.8 VC and Tamron 70-200 / 2.8 VC on a D600 compared to a 14-35 / 2 and 35-100 / 2 on an E5, I'm curious how the equivalence equation balances in your favor.

why would we be talking about a tamron and comparing it to 14-35/2

Because the lenses have the same AOV on their respective formats.

have you even seen a 14-35?

I haven't.  As an aside, if you had to guess, how do you think the proportion of 4/3 users who own that lens compare to the proportion of FF owners who own a 24-70 / 2.8?

tamrons IP is cheap plastic lenses, sloppy build, not sealed, actually rattle a bit


focus gearing too high for accurate MF

Can't comment on that, either, but what I can comment on is:

What about the accuracy of the autofocus? First we should emphasize the fact that the lens didn’t need any calibration and it focused exactly where it should on both  the 50D and on the 1Ds MkIII, without any noticeable tendencies of front or back focus. Also in the studio conditions we didn’t encounter any serious accuracy problems. The number of misses didn’t exceed 4% which is a good result.


Accuracy is a small problem, though. A high-end system lens, put on the E-3, also undeniably the best body in the system, should be practically 100% accurate. In reality, that set in our studio missed in 9% of shots. It is not a lot but we had expected a better result, especially that the tested lens on the body belonging to our editorial office, also had a slight tendency to front focus.

I can see why manual focus might be of more interest to you than me.  Then again, I don't own either lens, nor do I plan on getting either lens, so the point is moot for me, personally.

generally sharp in the centre, soft in the corners

busy bokeh with some sort of lateral strangeness

They dont make good lenses,they make cheap lenses. Its not often that cheap lenses (and thats all they are) are better than the native (canon) optics
Im certain thats the case here.

I'm thinking if you own an Olympus DSLR, you'd not be interested in the Tamron unless you were considering switching systems, and if you owned Canon or Nikon, you'd not be interested in the 14-35 / 2 unless you were thinking of ditching FF and getting a 4/3 DSLR or manually focusing the 14-35 / 2 on an mFT body.

I wonder which option the numbers favor?

Myself, I used the Canon 5D for seven years before upgrading to the 6D that I now have, and neither of these cameras are renowned for their build quality.  Yet, the only problem I had with the 5D was that the shutter failed after four or five years (I don't know how many photos that was, but well, well, well beyond what the shutter was rated for).  In addition, none of my lenses have ever failed.

Still, different people have different needs.  While I did shoot in the rain on occasion, it was rare for me.  While I did change lenses on a windy beach, it was rare for me.  But I didn't drop my system, or bang it against rocks, which is an issue for some photographers, so, for sure, build matters significantly more to some than to others.

Either way, I'm not seeing pics from anyone that support philosomatographer's claim in the OP:

The E-5 produces 1m-wide prints that easily put most other systems to shame for detail/contrast, and this will not change for as long as the camera works.

I suppose, as I said upthread, that it depends on what systems are covered by "most", keeping in mind that cell phones outnumber DSLRs by a large margin.

Fact of the matter is, I've never been worried about what "most" do -- I'm only concerned with what suits me best.  For some, an E5 + 14-35 / 2 + 35-100 / 2 will suit them best.  For others, there are other options that will suit them better.  If the italicized quote above were anywhere near an accurate statement, I would think that the 4/3 system would be significantly more popular than it is.  But others feel that those using other systems are just stupid and don't know what they're missing, whereas....

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