Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Don't confuse resolution and mega pixels...

SubPrime wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

If that is your opinion (it must be an opinion since it is not facts) then you must also have the opinion that new lenses are needed for the D800 otherwise it is really pointless to buy that camera.

That is where your inability to comprehend kicks in. All lenses are imperfect to some degree and waste some resolution potential of the sensor. the higher the pixel density the more waste, but it does not mean any extra resolution is wasted. where a 36mp FF will get you 20mp effective resolution, a 24mp sensor will get you 18mp, and a 20mp sensor will get you 17mp. In otherwords, in such circumstance, to get 20mp from that lens, you must use a sensor 36mp or higher.

You're really going to have to drop this rubbish about only getting 20 mpx from a 36 mpx sensor.

The only rubbish in here is you and oly's inability to stop think  like a fanboy. you two should drop it and face the truth.

With all due respects, either provide the scientific data or shut about it.

The data is abundant.


see how only a few standard prime go past beyond 20mp


For telephoto zooms, only 70-200 F4 manage to squeeze out more than 20mp out of D800


for wide angle, again, only a few managed more than 20mp.

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