Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

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Re: stay with sony

You seem to not want to learn about SLR photography and the fundamentals of photography but instead just change some settings until you see the image look pretty on the screen, then press the button.  Sorry for my bluntness but that's what I hear in your post.  Good luck.

Thanks everyone. Hate to say if I was someone who made a fake account . What I did that back in Oct. Some Iam sure clicked on all my previous post and started from my very first. You see that first post looking for bridge camera. Then so many people were so kind and led me towards something else. Purchased the sony slt a57. Having never taken photos I called that my first real camera. Iam a no name I dont care what brand. Does it work with me. Can I work it. Began a newborn children photo buisness. Brand spanking new and wanted a full frame camera. I feel one should have two cameras. Yes to the person who said I want the easy way. Heck yeah I do...for now. While Iam setting up backdrops and props and a newborn. I dont have loads of time to learn it. Will I learn this camera if I so choose to keep of.course. what investment so far in sony. I have spent a total of lets say 1200.oo. What do all my newborn and children photographer friends seem to use mark iii. Research...etc... iam a hands on person. I had thought I had decided canon because if I were to seriously invest in something maybe it should be canon. How come you all say she bought a camera without researching. I kind of actually did. Iam new at all of this. Hence go back and see how far I have come in such a very very short time. Troll what is thay? How old are we here. I just wanted some help. I appreciate so much some of you for doing just that. Again I wanted a full.frame camera because I thought it has a larger sensor and better then for natural light photography. You know photography isnt just knowing which settings its the eye...the art.. I would love to just meet some of you in person and pick your brains to no end. Where Iam people act as if their isnt enough newborns and children to photograph and do not really want to share. If you havent been to school for it. Of.course I want to learn. My problem is how do I use this camera tommorrow on a newborn. So if their is an easier camera and then I add my eye and artistic flair to it. Then so be it. Thank you to each of you that choose to step away from the drama and just explain some things to me. Blessings

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