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davidib17 wrote:

Right. But it the 35mm DX prime can never actually be a 35mm lens. It makes no sense to even bother labeling it with something that has nothing to do with it in actuallity.

The 35mm DX lens is ALWAYS 35mm, the same as a 35mm FX lens because the length of the lens doesn't change; only the portion of the images that the sensor sees changes.  People would be even more confused when comparing a 50mm FX lens to a 50mm DX lens because the labelled length would be different depending on what sensor it was made for.

With your proposed scheme, how many people would realize that a 50mm FX, 35mm DX and 18mm CX lens were all the same real focal length and that the 18mm CX lens actually gave you the same FOV of a 50mm FX lens when used on the same camera?

This is not new, we didn't change how we labelled 35mm lenses vs medium and large format lenses.  We can't just arbitrarily choose a sensor size and decide to label all the lenses based on that.

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