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tedolf wrote:

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tedolf wrote:

If you have the ability to return the camera and get your money back do so now and pick a camera that would be more appropriate for your skill level.


This is a bad advice. Just go to 'scenes' - 'children' for a start. The OM-D will behave like a point and shoot (except for the dof). In the meantime start to read about photography with system camera's. Of course a course would be best (that was a good advice). But don't sell the camera, learn to use and enjoy the possibility's. That is my advice.


Great advice.  Any camera these days can similate a P&S automatic mode, but give much better quality and flexibility.

Including a sub $500.00 E-pm2.

For the OP, the best advice I can give you is to use the Ignore button right away for Tedolf, and also any other elitist or condescending and unhelpful posters, and enjoy the plentiful information and help on this forum.


Suggesting that someone get an e-pl2/3 is elitist?

What should I be suggesting, a Brownie?


How can someone who owns an E-pl1 and used manual lenses that cost $39.00 be condescending?


According to who, you?

Is it not helpful to suggest to someone that they get a camera appropriate for thier own stated experience level?

Why should someone pay $2,000.00 for features they can's use when they can get the exact same sensor in a camera designed for point-n-shoot upgraders for less than $500.00?

What is wrong with that advice?

Beware also the numerous fans of particular brands and those who just hype them, justifying their own purchases, while disregarding the truth about weaknesses in their chosen equipment, weaknesses that may affect others with different requirements.

Project much?

I don't own an E-pl2/3 and I would just as soon suggest a Panny G5 if the OP doesn't want IBIS.  I suggested an Olypmus model becuase he already has lenses that don't have OIS. E-pm2 if he really needs the OM-d sensor.

I would suggest that the OP ignore posters who advocate censorship.

I suggest the OP consider all oppinions and then make up his own mind without censoring anyone.


1. $2000 may be a ton of money for one person, but just pocket change for another.

2. Having a camera with much better features than current needs is no crime and not something to ridicule someone about.  That only ensures that someone can grow with this camera when he gets more involved and explore without the hassle of research/upgrading, etc.  Again, for someone whose time is more valuable and charge much more for their professional work, that hassle is significant, and the $2000 may be chicken feed in comparison to what he can save in time.

3. I am assuming you do not know the person and his needs, his financial background, and what his priorities and needs are, how much trouble it could be for him to change/buy a camera...

There are so many eager advisers on this forum who are extremely knowledgeable but who often can only look at others' needs and situations from their own perspectives.   New visitors beware.

Elitist as in suggesting someone should not use a very nice camera just because he/she does not know enough about photography.  It is not about the money. It's about how much quality and ease of use the camera can give its owner.

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