What Olympus actually promised:

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Gerry Siegel
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It gets to be amusing to see what is left to discuss but discussions themselves

So if you get to read anything current, it typically ends with Time Will Tell.

But wait, that isn't so either.  Stacy K will tell  us more....whoever Stacy  may be of course, another opinion which I could reproduce for Stacy verbatim, let me try, no forget that thought,,,.  A horse with a Nikon stripe, fine and dandy, and that is a decision that needs self reinforcement for some reason but who in this forum cares.

For those contemplating the sell it now routine, I say go in good health and buy lots of new stuff and take a hit in your ample wallets.  I

f I stopped right now and never spent money for another Olympus body I would have enough goodies for the balance of my humble life span.  However, I check the micro four third world because THERE we have a rational reason for a two camera system and a two lens system.  Micro is a different world. And for those who need a smaller camera that does video, as I sometime do, that is money well spent.   I had an E-5 briefly. Nice camera, not revolutionary or exhilarating over my E-3.  What we all hope for here is an E-7 that is at least exciting if not exhilarating.

So then, what are we left with to mumble about. Just this: Will Olympus design and offer up a camera as nice as the E-3/E-5 with the wish list items that bring it up to date.  Yes, that includes HD 1080 video and a place to hook up an exterior quality microphone.  In other words, something the new professional would look at and smile, and say "Ahhhh..."

Speculate away.   To coin a phrase as I now do...time will tell....my countdown timer is ON...gs

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