Just started and wouldn't mind some constructive criticism on my first tries :)

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Re: Just started and wouldn't mind some constructive criticism on my first tries :)

crimbosmith wrote:

Hi, I got my D3100 about 6 months ago and never really took that many pictures. I picked it up about 2 weeks ago again after seeing some HDR pictures my friend took me and wanted to try it. Ever since then I haven't put my camera down!

Anyway here's my first attempts at a couple techniques and i wouldn't mind hearing your suggestions on what i can do to improve. Feel free to tell me they are ****, otherwise how am I going to get better

Good focus and a really nice shot.  The only slightly distracting is element is the top half of the flower in the background, without that it would have remained almost empty keeping the focus solely on the foreground.  Overall a really good example of the detail you can get from the 18-55 close up, well done.

Another interesting shot.  The only thing I'd say is to either crop tighter to fill the frame even more or to not frame so closely next time.  The fact that just small amounts of the pollen(?) are cut off on the top and bottom is a shame, and a tighter crop would make it clear that was deliberate.  Other than that fantastic detail and a really nice shot.

This one is a difficult one.  Two steps to the right I reckon would centralise the path while keeping the arch central also.  Another good idea would be to get low; I think it would have helped if you were closer to the ground making the foreground a little more interesting.  As stated before try to keep the focus on the archway.  There looks to be a tiny bit of breeze rustling the leaves and a faster shutter speed would have helped.  Next time maybe try raising the ISO to 400 (still very reasonable on the D3100) so you can get f/8 and 1/60.  f/8 should also aid with sharpness and as stated above the focus seems a little off.

It's always a difficult one when you're out shooting with somebody who isn't or doesn't understand the hobby.  Getting the balance right between getting the shot you want and not testing their patience is an art in itself .  There was a popular thread the other day about photographers being alone, and in all honesty the amount who said when shooting they solely prefer their own company didn't surprise me, although I have to say I am generally the opposite.

Again, don't worry about slating the photos. I would really appreciate the help, thanks.

I'm afraid I can't really comment as I've never shot nay star trails before but this seems like a terrific start to me!

Overall really enjoyed the four shots, you should be pleased


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