What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: Sounds good but could be also "no new camara"

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

"without any changes" could also be interpreted: The E-5 and the set of the zuiko lenses will not be changed and is offered for a very long time.

But perhaps could also mean they make a new camera. Hmm.

I think your right. The simple fact is that it suits Olympus not to kill off the four thirds DSLR, at least not yet. If you take a look at any of the marketing for the Pen it nearly always headlines as being a compact system with DSLR quality. The marketing team can hardly maintain that boast if the E5 bites the dust and so it suits them just fine to keep up the pretence of supporting a DSLR system and it will do so until DSLR's as a whole are no longer looked upon as the pinnacle of camera excellence.

Personally I think the DSLR has a way to go but having been with four thirds since the E1 I have had enough of being fed stories about the future of Olympus DSLR simply to satisfy their marketing campaigns and am actively looking for an alternative system to jump ship too. Nikon D600 is out in the lead at the current time and probably retails at way below what any Olympus DSLR will cost, should it ever materialise. Yes I will have to invest in glass but looking at some of the crazily high prices for good quality second-hand Olympus lenses I reckon that with a bit of luck on ebay I will raise enough cash to go a long way towards purchasing Nikon replacements.

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