Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Don't confuse resolution and mega pixels...

olyflyer wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

in fact 20mp is all that you will extract from D800 with less than perfect lens or with perfect lens but at ISO 800 upwards (give or take).

How did you arrive to this conclusion?

What is interesting is how you failed to make any effective counter argument.

Why would I need to make a counter argument? You made a claim, proof your claim. Otherwise all you are saying is just nonsense.

it is called common sense, which you lack.

You don't need a perfect lens (which still does not exist) to take benefit of the higher resolution of the sensor.

Who said you will not get advantage from that sensor?

come on?

The improvement can be seen with ANY lens, as long as you have not reached the maximum resolution of the lens.

While that is correct, it does not defeat the quoted statement.

no come back?

It is really basic, isn't it?

Basic it is, it does not prove the quoted statement wrong.

still no come back?

In any case, most lenses (at least my lenses) outresolve the D800. It is an Internet hoax that you need new lenses with the D800.

No one said anything about need for new lens. Chill.

Chill? You are talking about the need for perfect lens for anything above 20MP.

what part of that do you have trouble with?

If that is your opinion (it must be an opinion since it is not facts) then you must also have the opinion that new lenses are needed for the D800 otherwise it is really pointless to buy that camera.

That is where your inability to comprehend kicks in. All lenses are imperfect to some degree and waste some resolution potential of the sensor. the higher the pixel density the more waste, but it does not mean any extra resolution is wasted. where a 36mp FF will get you 20mp effective resolution, a 24mp sensor will get you 18mp, and a 20mp sensor will get you 17mp. In otherwords, in such circumstance, to get 20mp from that lens, you must use a sensor 36mp or higher.

The only problem is that I don't know any "perfect lens" yet, so perhaps you can enlighten us about which one you regard perfect.

You dont know much and there is too much to enlighten.

Not really sure how you come to that conclusion.

Did you really think you got 36mp resolution at every iso and with any lens?

Of course you get 36MP at EVERY ISO. Every single pixel is used at ANY ISO, so if your camera has 36MP then all of those are there even at ISO6400.

You are either unable comprehend the meaning of that statement, or intentionally playing dumb.

The way I see it is that the one playing dumb here is you.

I said X, you bend it into Y, how is that you NOT playing dumb?

You made an empty claim without any substance in that statement and expect everyone to believe you.

This "claim" has been debated in many threads through out DPR. I cannot help every ignorant poster who do not understand these concepts.

Lets go back to the point on hand, do you think there is no resolution difference between iso100 and iso 6400?

It is a yes or no question.

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