Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: As someone who owns both the 5D3 and D800, I'd say no

SubPrime wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Sorry, but if CR2 is not uncompressed RAW then the uncompressed would be extremely bloated.

They are not. D600 ISO100 RAW is about 30mb, while 5D3's is about 28mb.

IS that a lossless compressed D600 raw?


And no, 5D3s are larger.  I am looking at one right now.

no it is not, chech DPR studio test scene. the image is identical. the sizes are as above.

check DPR's studio test scene. at iso 6400, D600 34mb, 5d3 33mb, D800 51mb.

So what? File sizes vary from image to image.

So it is a very good bench mark, because the scene is exactly the same. It proves that Canon's RAW are compressed. Whether they use the exact same algrithm and have the exact same compression is another story.

in fact 20mp is all that you will extract from D800 with less than perfect lens or with perfect lens but at ISO 800 upwards (give or take).

Not really sure how you come to that conclusion.

Did you really think you got 36mp resolution at every iso and with any lens?

Of course not, but I still would like to know how you arrived at the 20mp figure at ISO800.

Educated guess. You got a better number?

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