What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: What Olympus actually promised:

Messier Object wrote:

pris wrote:

Messier Object wrote:


I didn't take long for the gloom squad to take over your thread.


It's as if the closer we are to E-5 successor release, the more insecure they feel. Intensity of the negativity increases exponentially as the date draws closer. What could possibly be so frightening about it for the doom-and-gloom brigade? Those of them who still have some 4/3 lenses may benefit from it, directly or indirectly. Those who don't could have kept themselves occupied with something better than spreading their negative attitude here. Amazing, really.

Maybe we need a weekly thread where they can let off steam

**** The weekly 4/3 Doom ****

- post your negative thoughts about the future of 4/3,
- tell us how Olympus failed to keep its promise of a compact camera system
- tell us why SHG lenses are too big, and not as good as their equivalent Nikanon anyway

Please keep to the rule: say nothing good about the future of 4/3 DSLR


Sounds like a good idea, along with an ignore thread option so that one can be overlooked.  Perhaps a forum dedicated to the negative centered crowd would be a good idea....Olympus Gloom and Doom.  What a sad life to live, always in gloom.  Whatever gets rid of the gloom squad.....

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