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Joe an OMD, a fast short telephoto lens and a beginner......

joehawthorn wrote:

in setting up my OMD there are many choices to be made.

I am using the 45 lens primarily for taking shots of my young children, many indoors. What are your default settings in either auto or other? My major issue is the camera often focusses on the background rather than the kids if they are moving.

(Coming from a p and s)

Fabulous photos when I get it right!

moving up from a point and shoot is a really bad combination unless you have some prior SLR and interchangeable lens experience from the film days.

The OM-d is a very complicated camera and the Depth of Field with the 45mm lens is far shallower than what you are used to.  With your point-n-shoot almost everything was in focus most of the time (lens set to hyperfocal distance) and you didn't have to handle selective focus that much.  With the combination you have at maximum aperture almost nothing is in focus and you have to place the plane of focus carefully and choose a Depth of field that is appropriate for the subject.

If all of this sounds incomprehensible to you then you are definately in way over your head, and I am not even talking about the complexities of opperating and setting up the camera itself which are prodigious.

You have a very steep learning curve ahead of you and you will have to learn a totally new way to take photographs from how you took them with your point-n-shoot.  On top of that you will have to master all the menues and settings of the camera.

If you have the ability to return the camera and get your money back do so now and pick a camera that would be more appropriate for your skill level.

You would be much better off with an E-pl2/3 and a kit lens (about $300.00) for the time being.  You can always purchase faster lenses like the 45mm when you learn how to handle a shallow DOF camera if you really need the extra lens speed.  It will probably take you about a year to do that if you apply yourself, maybe take some photo classes, etc.


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